active911Unofficial npm package for accessing the Active911 API. Ben6 months
benburwell.comMy website Ben5 months
caesarImplementation of the Caesar cipher for a talk on testing Ben6 months
cdcCardDAV address completion Ben6 months
confA simple dotfile manager Ben6 months
csp_exporterA Prometheus exporter for Content Security Policy Violation Reports Ben5 months
domlA JavaScript runtime for ASTs encoded as HTML DOM nodes. A really silly hack. Ben6 months
dotfilesThe current iteration of my dotfiles Ben6 months
ghsshauthUse the SSH public keys you've added to GitHub to log in to your machines. Ben6 months
goredirA go package redirector Ben6 months
gosumdbauditGo checksum database auditor Ben6 months
hashimgWritten for the Boston Golang "Chopped" meetup, using a "basket" of standard lib...Ben6 months
howtochooseapassword.comAn informative website about how to choose good passwords. Ben6 months
itoa101527 => 'one hundred one thousand five hundred twenty seven' (in JavaScript) Ben6 months
medicmate.ioMedicMate marketing site Ben6 months
pass-auditAudit your password-store with Have I Been Pwned to see whether any passwords ha...Ben6 months
pgqtA PostgreSQL query tuner Ben6 months
phluxFlux for Phillips Hue bulbs. Ben6 months
rollRoll dice Ben6 months
scotland-yardA command line program to help you play Scotland Yard more intelligently by figu...Ben6 months
similar.beerWeekend hack: Beer similarity website Ben6 months
solfegeSolf├Ęge is a system of assigning syllables to musical pitches. This project att...Ben6 months
streetsQuickly get directions for responding to an emergency Ben6 months
ten-ninetyJava client/visualizer for SBS data from 1090 MHz ADS-B transmissions. Ben6 months
wxWeather tools Ben6 months
wxcliAn aviation weather CLI Ben6 months
zipserverA super slim and speedy JSON API that returns location info about ZIP codes usin...Ben6 months
aercMirror of Ben6 months
cashierMirror of Cashier, a SSH Certificate Authority (CA). Ben6 months
curlcURL mirror with patches applied Ben6 months
gohuePhillips Hue API client in Go. Ben6 months
pevMirror of postgres explain visualizer Ben6 months
localchatA small LAN chat client written in C. Ben6 months
mpxA small academic operating system to explore OS-related concepts Ben6 months
programming-languagesCode for CSI-310 Programming Languages Ben6 months